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"Share My Dabba" | Disruptive Thinking, Zero Technology.

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"Share My Dabba" | Disruptive Thinking, Zero Technology.

Anubhav Gupta

This rather neat idea stumbled its way into our FB feed this week. It's a new innovation by the Happy Life Welfare Society and the Dabbawala Foundation (best Facebook page ever?). 

For those who aren't aware, the Dabbawala system is a unique lunch delivery network in Mumbai that delivers up to 200,000 tiffins to 5,000 workers across the city everyday - it's a phenomenally effective operation.

See this film about the new innovation they have come up with...

There have been some criticisms of this new idea - just because children live on the street, is it ok to give them people's leftovers instead of a proper meal?

It's a valid point but also slightly moot. Getting nutritious, home-cooked food to kids who need it, taking some of the burden of food expense from their families, and reducing the amount of pointless food waste, are all valid ambitions.

No idea is perfect, but what this one shows is that with some good will and a little disruptive thinking, a small change by each individual can add up to a big difference.

Keep up to date with the project through the Share My Dabba Facebook page.