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Eight cool, conscious, Indian startups changing consumer behaviour

Laura Quinn

By Gauri Sharma

India has emerged as the fastest growing base of startups worldwide but there is a new trend within this space that we at Do One Thing are very excited about, the rise of the "conscious" startup. Several new companies are leading the way by making business more purposeful through different channels like eco-friendly and healthy products, fair working conditions, and innovative solutions to tackle social and environmental problems.

Here are eight new-age businesses that are not only redefining entrepreneurship with their conscious offerings, but are inspiring and empowering consumers to be more socially and environmentally responsible in their lifestyle choices.

Mason & Co

Auroville-based Mason & Co. is India’s first bean-to-bar chocolate brand. It makes vegan, superior quality chocolate whilst working with Indian Cacao farmers to boost the local industry and improve agricultural practices. The chocolate is absolutely delicious and, unlike other Indian chocolate, it has no chemicals, preservatives or emulsifiers. Finally, Indian chocolate we're excited to eat!

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Korra Jeans

Delhi-based Korra Jeans are made from 100% organic cotton denim and locally-sourced natural or recycled raw materials. Korra Jeans is not just a brand, it is a “conscious movement” away from mass-manufacturing, with each pair of jeans carefully made by a single-tailor and with his/her signature.

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Black Baza

Bangalore-based Black Baza Coffee produces bio-diversity friendly coffee sourced from the heart of the Western Ghats. It’s transforming the coffee industry with heavenly coffee that is kinder to the environment, 100% traceable and ensures livelihood protection for producers. Even better – Black Baza’s website regularly updates its coffee’s positive impact on biodiversity!

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The Green Snack Co.

Bangalore-based The Green Snack Co. is driving a healthy snacking movement in India and making consumers question popular diet trends around snacking. Posiotioned as the “superhero of healthy snacks”, The Green Snack Co.’s products are hand-made using fresh fruits and vegetables and, unlike most other snacks, they are not baked or fried which keeps all the nutrients in tact!

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 Access Food

Access Food is an app-based social enterprise connecting businesses that have surplus food to local charities which can utilise that food. It’s an innovative model which is using technology to bring local communities together to tackle the problem of food waste and hunger.

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Pom Pom

Pom Pom is a web-based recycling platform in Delhi helping consumers to dispose of their recyclable materials - cold drink cans, wine bottles, newspapers - in a responsible manner. Through its convenient app and doorstep service, it is encouraging people to recycle waste by providing them cash in exchange for their trash!

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Bangalore-based Samtana produces Fairtrade, 100% organic cotton T-shirts with art work from designers across India and the world. Its combination of exciting wearable art and sustainable production practices are making ethical fashion in India fun and accessible.

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Ather Energy

Bangalore-based Ather Energy is building India’s next generation of two-wheelers which will be clean, smart and connected. Expected to launch by mid-2016, Ather Energy will provide fast-charging electric scooters which will be faster and lighter than ever before. Is Ather Energy going to be India’s Tesla? We sure hope so! 

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With so many new businesses focusing on responsible offerings, we sure are excited to see a rise in ethical consumerism and conscious entrepreneurship in India!